Metal Fencing

big metal fence

Metal fencing, usually made from aluminum or steel, helps secure your outdoor surroundings like no other. Due to its material makeup, metal fencing can combat weathering elements, heavy stress, pressure, and overall wear and tear. Coming in both solid and tubular forms, metal fences are chic and timeless, and can give you a lasting effect of elegance that you are looking for for your outdoor space.

With metal fencing, not only are you guaranteed a durable and great-looking fence, but you will be left with one that offers up a sturdy structure for many years. Metal fences have a long shelf life and are able to accommodate most weather types. Since certain metals are, indeed, prone to rusting over time, it is important that you take steps to ensure that rust buildup is removed to avoid its damaging effects. This can be done with regular cleanings, repairs, and by purchasing a rust-removing solution that will keep your metal fence clean and clear of potential damage.

If you are looking for a fence with added textures and patterns, metal fencing may be the right one for you. While both aluminum and steel has their pros and differences, many clients appreciate the intricate and patterned designs that these metals are able to create throughout the fencing. Coming in pointed rods, circular patterns, or curves, metal fencing can help you achieve a unique and desirable look to spruce up your ordinary fence. Like something you might find in castles or around a simple garden, metal fencing is both unique and versatile, making it a top choice amongst clients. Metal fencing solutions work great for both railings and for entrance gates as well, as they provide security yet visibility.

Aluminum Fencing 
Aluminum fencing is one of the most popular choices of metal fencing due to its lightweight properties. Similar to steel, it is much more flexible and contains hallow rods that are used as stationary connecting rods between panels. Aluminum, however, does not succumb to rusting like steel and can thus withhold its appearance much longer. Due to its weight, however, it is prone to denting and bending if met with heavy weight or stress, so it is recommended to stay clear of items, materials, or structures that could cause premature damage.

Steel Fencing 
Wielded together to form a secure and sturdy bond, steel fencing is a solid structure that is attached through posts and rods. Unlike aluminum, steel is much heavier and more resistant to dents or bends from everyday materials. Since it can be prone to rusting and potential scratching, it is important to take steps to ensure it is protected during rainy seasons or sprinkler systems, and away from items that may cause aesthetic damage. Impaled into the ground for maximum support, steel fencing can often support high structures or can be built higher for large-scale projects. Steel fencing provides clients with a sturdy and reliable fencing system that will last for several years.


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