Commercial Fencing

Heavy duty fencing

In need of commercial fencing services for your property or business? Whether it’s for an office building grounds or you want to prepare boundaries for a private site, commercial fencing is available at your disposal. We take into account the high quantity of fencing supplies and the installation techniques required to achieve durable and functional commercial fencing that optimizes the space available on your property.

Security Fencing
Since commercial properties tend to be sprawl over several acres of land, it can be difficult to maintain an even blanket of security amongst every part of the property. With the help of security fencing, we’re able to put your worries at ease. Security fencing was created to protect your space when you’re not around, meaning that it is both heavy duty, and overall sturdy. Security fencing takes measures that deter vandals and thieves from attempting to reach the interiors of the property. This can include pointed rods that cause injury if climbed, as well as electrical wire that shocks potential burglars.

Metal and Chain Link Fencing
Metal and chain link fencing is often used for larger properties with an extended amount of space to secure. Between two metal posts, interlocked chains are placed into their fames and aligned with one another to create a flexible yet sturdy fencing structure. Often seen around parks, schools, and even some commercial properties, metal chain and link fencing is a common structure that provides security and longevity for its owners. Although it’s not the most intricate-looking fencing design, it can be installed quickly to provide instant comfort and barriers where they’re required. Metal and chain link fencing can also be integrated into gates with lifted latches, for convenient access.

Iron Wrought Fencing and Gates
Seen as the strongest material you could use for a fencing structure, iron wrought is both heavy and extremely durable. Heavier than steel and aluminum, wrought iron can be both expensive but incredibly secure. Installed similarly to metal fencing, wrought iron is put into the ground for support and stability. It then provides the highest level of security as it is incredibly difficult to destroy, dismantle, or destruct. Therefore, the use of wrought iron for fencing solutions and gates has its pros for those that want to keep their space very private and protected.

Plasma Cut Accents
Looking to add some flare to your property’s exteriors? We’re able to offer plasma cut accents which allow for initials, logos, and company symbols to be integrated into the work of fencing. Usually preferred on entrance gates, bridges, or at the opening of a property, plasma cut accents are done on metal fencing structures and carved using expert skill and attention to detail. They’re just as durable as the rest of the fencing system, but may require less handling over time to ensure they maintain their integrity. Plasma cut accents are a great way to entice visitors with your company’s values, vision, and art, through unique carvings in your fence-work.


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