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    Your fencing does more than add boundaries to your property, it adds structure to your land, keeps your pets safe, and heightens the privacy around your home. There are several types of fencing structures that can be used for and serve different purposes,but overall, they all perform similar roles of enhancing demarcation, protection, and security. With a secure fence, you can trust that those inside of it will remain safe.

    About Us

    At Wichita Fencing Contractor, we provide the Wichita area with the benefits of security that fences can offer. We integrate adequate fencing products and techniques into our range of practical services that help our clients keep their yards looking great and secure. If you haven’t heard of us yet, you’ve likely seen our work – we work around the city on some of the neighborhoods’ most complicated fencing projects that cover vast terrains, to commercial properties that want to attract large crowds. Whatever the degree, we’re capable of taking on tasks associated with fencing projects of any scale and are able to do so with quality, care, and ease.

    Our Service

    Our fence services and products are catered to our clients that want more from their fences. We’ve utilized some of the market’s most advanced products that help keep fences from deteriorating, as well as techniques that ensure they can withstand the strength of heavy winds, storms, and even large dogs. Our services in the area are virtually unbeatable and we have a reputation behind us to prove it. Just ask any of our satisfied customers or a close neighbor and you’ll come to find out that our fencing solutions are beyond durable in quality and easier than ever to achieve.

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    Residential Fencing

    Residential fencing includes our services that are catered towards our neighbors and locals in the Wichita area. We have the expertise to advise on fencing solutions for homes, residential properties, and private land. This can also include hybrid fencing solutions if you’re looking to incorporate your neighbor’s fencing into your own, as well as fencing that works well for the space you have.

    Commercial Fencing

    Commercial properties and businesses typically have an alternative purpose and aesthetic for fences that differs slightly from that of residential. These kinds of needs can include guarding important building outlets, tanks, or meters in the parking lots of commercial spaces, or simply protecting landscaped space to complement a building’s appearance.

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    Fence Repair

    If you’ve been putting off your fence repairs because of the cost, we’re here to help reassure you. If your dog’s broken out of your fence again and you’ve run your wallet dry from all the repairs, we can offer budget-friendly alternatives that help you stay on track financially. Fence repairs are conducted based on the severity of the damage and the type of fence you have (i.e. wood, metal, or vinyl). Although most fences can typically be repaired in localized form, others may need an overall if the damage is too engrained.

    Wood Fencing

    Do you envy the house down the street with the picket fence? Wood fencing has the ability the give homes a unique yet traditional look that is both subtle and comfortable. It’s a much desired appeal for those that enjoy the versatility of wood as it can be shaped and colored into any alternative possible. What you’ll be happy to know, of course, is that obtaining a wooden fence or picket fence isn’t that difficult to achieve and they’re much easier to install than you may think!

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    Vinyl Fencing

    We’ve all seen metal fencing in its generic form, whether that be at the school yard, playground, or around the park. The reason for this is because metal fencing is a durable fencing solution that provides optimal benefits. It requires little upkeep to maintain its appearance and is rarely affected by outdoor elements. As the industry continues to progress, so do the varieties in metal fencing as they become available, meaning that clients these days have the option of customizing plain metal fencing into something that adds character and style to their outdoor space.

    Contact Us For More Information

    So, if all this sounds good to you and you’re ready to take the next step to changing your fencing, we recommend getting in contact with us as soon as possible to do so. We do more than build fencing, we’ve built a team of customer service experts that are dedicated to finding you the right fence to complement your home. Our customer service representatives stand by our phones throughout the day to quickly answer calls and questions as they come in, so don’t hesitate to give us a ring! We can also be contacted by email with completion of the contact form that’s listed on our website.

    A Few Reviews..

    “I had a rotting fence from the previous tenants around my home that needed replacing. I contacted Wichita Fencing Contractor to help repair the deteriorating wood and revitalize the wood that was salvageable. That did just that and helped my old fence look great again!” – Kurt W.

    “Since my property has a unique terrain, I often need repairs to accommodate. Wichita Fencing Contractor offers the best and most affordable repairs in town – they bring all of their own fencing supplies so all you have to do is make the call!” – Doug R.

    I was looking for fence contractors who were able to build a dog fence that was safe for my dogs and kept my yard looking great. Wichita Fencing Contractor had a variety of fencing solutions to offer me, but ultimately suggested vinyl fencing. I couldn’t be happier with their suggestion! Thank you Wichita Fencing Contactor!” – Janet C.

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